Flies/ worms problem set:

Hi everyone,

We’ve gone ahead and posted problem set #3 (Flies and Worms). We understand that some of you may be nervous about doing a problem set on a different organism, but the faculty have been kind enough to put together some background to help you do these problem sets. Because of this, the problems seem long, but take a deep breath and keep in mind all of the information you need to do these is given to you here.

Please do not delay working on this assignment. We realize it seems long, and you may have questions, so please don’t wait until the last minute to start it.

Included in this upload are:

  1. A background on fly genetics
  2. A background on worm genetics
  3. The problem set (containing both problems for worms/ flies– you are expected to turn in both)
  4. Powerpoint on flies (more background)

Once again, ensure to turn each problem in a different (full 8.5″x 11″) size piece of paper. Explain all answers clearly to ensure you get full credit, and feel free to draw where necessary or to help explain your logic. Write your name on every sheet of paper you turn in. Late assignments will be subject to -10%/ day late.


-Genetics TA’s

Fly – overviewOverview of C. elegans as an experimental organism copyProblem Set 3 Worms&FliesTetrad Genetics lecture


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