Problem set #1: Yeast

Yeast problem set 1

Hi all,

Please note that this problem set is due on January 22nd by 5pm (late submissions will be subjected to a penalty of -10% per day late) to Justin Salat’s mailbox on 3rd floor of Genetech Hall. In working on the problem set, you are free to work with one another on it, but do not copy and paste each other’s answers. For ease of grading, please ensure that 1. all of your work is legible and clear (may be typed or hand-written, but will not be graded if it cannot be read), 2. each problem is done on a separate page (i.e. problem 1 is separate from problem 2 and so on) and 3. your name is written on each problem.  Feel free to come to us or Dave for any questions or clarification.

Best of luck!

-Genetics TAs


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