Popsicle Stick Question

1/13/16 Popsicle Stick Question

What do you have to think about if you do a screen for a recessive phenotype in a diploid organism? How would you set up/carry out a screen for a recessive phenotype in a diploid?

01/07/16 Popsicle Stick Question

How do you generate a temperature sensitive allele?


01/06/16 Popsicle Stick Question

Chromosome 3 is very small and can lose telomerase, resulting in circularization.

(A) How can you select for the circle? How can you target something into this strain to detect circle formation?

(B) These cells undergo meisosis. What occurs during meiosis due to circle formation? How does formation of the circle affect meiotic segregation?

01/04/16 Popsicle Stick Question

A mutant defective in mismatch repair will be unable to resolve the mismatch B-b created during repair of a double-strand break (from pages 14-15 in the lecture notes). What will be the outcome if a mismatch cannot be corrected (mismatch repair cannot be employed)?


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